Final day of mourning

"Til Ungdommen (To The Young)" is written by a poet who died too young during WW2 - Mr. Nordahl Grieg.

The lyrics carry with them ghosts and desperation. Like a hand grabbing your heart, then gently leaving it alone. It is a prayer to the youth of Norway as Europe is on the brink of a new world war. And disturbingly oh so very appropriate now. A literal translation can be found here.

There is an idyllic picture being painted of Norway in the media. Idyllic and naïve. I think our leaders are the latter, I think the truth is far from the former. If these attacks had indeed been the work of foreign terrorists, my little country would have become unrecognizable within the course of a few hours. In the choice between two evils... 

On that note, a reminder to us all from Stephen Colbert:

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Thank you for all your support. 

sea of flowes

I will be back properly next week. I've missed you guys so much, though of you and wondered how you are doing. How Peanut is growing up, if Milo is still loving school and how Pud's leg is doing. 
Woke up this morning to th enews that the 10 reported dead from the island shooting yesterday is now at least 87. 

87  teenagers killed. Am crying right now.

Norway is a very small country. We will all know one who was killed, or know someone who knows.


Tragedy struck Oslo today.  

So far 7 are confirmed dead, 2 seriously injured from the downtown attack on the governmental buildings. I have this horrible feeling that this number is not accurate. So far 10 teens are confirmed dead, 22 seriously injured from the shooting incident. We have already been warned those numbers are inaccurate.  700+ trapped on a small island with a machine gun desperado dressed up in a police uniform. They are currently searching the waters around the island, as well as all possible hiding places on the island. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Right now it might seem like these were attacks by a Norwegian wacko, operating solo and holding a serious grudge towards the prime minister. He was apprehended by the SWAT-team and is now being questioned. Am normally against death penalties, but fuck...  there is a limit to everything.

Me and my family are shaken, but well.  Our thoughts go out to all those people all over the world that have experienced something similar. I hope you are all doing okay.

Personal experience? I was at work. There was a shock-wave, seemed like the windows were all gonna fall off, and then what sounded like thunder right outside. We were considered highest probability target of a potential secondary attack,  and were evacuated in a rush. But as I rushed down the stairs, battled the emergency exit, found it blocked and ran up again, across half the building and out...well...It all felt very real, and very possible. I've considered that it could happen to my workplace; even acknowledged it was a true possibility. The reality of the possibility feels very different now. I wish I could promise to go to work and not think about it, not be afraid. That is what the Nation is aiming for. Don't let "them" win.

Haiti and the media coverage

Right now though? SOOOO angry with the newsmedia. What's up with the intimate pictures and snippets of people in need? Do they REALLY have to film a woman giving birth in a park? Close-ups of dying people, of dead bodies and general suffering.

I see front pages of online newspapers with extreme pictures. I don't click on the links, I don't read the stories. I read one a few days ago, about how the dead bodies were piling up and used as road blocks. I did not expect the story to consist of 10 lines of text and 20 images illustrating their "point". Could they not have put it in writing?

What happened to humanity? To rights and worth? Is it a general rule now, that if you are wounded or die in a disaster all bets are off? There is a fine line between information and intrusion. I feel intrusive watching what the media is bringing us from Haiti. I find it unnecessary and crude.


Short summary of my life:
- I want a home
- I want a child
- I want a significant other
- I want a job meaningful job

And just as I'm wallowing in self-pity of my clueless life flashing by, the news of Haiti breaks. And f***.  I feel shitty for being a whiny brat. And I feel useless and helpless for not being able to DO something.

My thoughs and prayers are with the people still trapped, the injured who don't get help and the ones who has lost family members. I love you, and I wish I could be there for you.

"WOW for lazy people" and happy holidays!

Wish you all a great holiday season, and hope you are all doing well!

We had our celebration yesterday. Very nice and cozy with the family. The weather is perfect for Christmas holiday, and there is so much snow in the city center you could ski from place to place. Sweet! BTW - the link to the weather: Great and accurate weather service! And it's free! And no ads! :) Anyhow - will see if I can't get hold of a pic tomorrow. The amounts of snow ... it's insane and so great. Not too cold, although we've been warned that the temperature will creep down below -20C/-4F.

AVATAR! On Christmas day, we always go to a big family luncheon with my mum's side of the family. It's a... well.. tradition. And sorta nice and sorta tiresome. So on the way home we found out we wanted a break from Christmas and family stuff, and my brother suggested a movie. We landed on Avatar in 3D. Great entertainment!

My brother's comment as we exited? He waited until my dad praised the movie, then shot him down with "It's kinda like World of Warcraft for lazy people". And I  agree. You get the experience, without the playing and grinding and trials. The People were like Night elves, their home area like Ashenvale and Nagrand etc. etc. Hehe.

gift wrapping post with pics

Christmas is here, and we have a white Christmas already! Yay! I love it! Unlike the last 4-5 years, I don't have a deadline over my head, and so I've had time to really enjoy the Christmas preparations this year.

My family have a lot of Christmas traditions. Collapse )

My favourite part of Christmas is working out he perfect gifts for the people I love and care about. And then there is the wrapping of said gifts...Collapse )

In other news, I'm still going to the gym on a regular basis, and the flat still looks like lightning struck, but I keep the mess to one room only. Hafta get that sorted before the 23rd, though. Hope you are all well and enjoying the season! Hugs to the f-list!


Nov. 8th, 2009

All these days

that came and went by

How was I to know

that was life?

The days are flying by, and I feel I don't get much done. Am sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about? I have pictures and stories to tell of the wonder that was my holiday. Of the weird Americans that crossed my path, and of all the other perplexing and wonderful beings who's company Fate graced me with. As Christine, the welsh emigrant stated: "All the people who visit here are weird and peculiar. You'd have to be in order to find this vilage".

I'm on the threshold of an adventure which might take me to the US, if only to look for an american agent for a series of childrens books. I want to tell you about that. I've found new music I want to share with you guys.

Do you feel loved? You've been in my thoughts while travelling. Of course there are people at home I want to share my experiences with, but a lot of the time.. I find myself phrasing things in English to type in here and share with you guys.

The words above is an attempted translation of Swedish author Stig Johansson's wise words.The second last lines could be "Little did I know". Corrections are received with love.


Oct. 7th, 2009

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo's genius on full display...

I thougth the image of God creating Adam would be the most memorable, but...


all I could think of while I was there was how life-like the feet of Jonah (IONAS) looks from below. It seems they are three dimentional, dangling from the ceiling.

There is an astounding amount of unharmed bare breasts in the Vatican, espeically when you take into consideration that most of the ****s on display have been cut off. I didn't even look for them until I had a severed one at eye-height. Hehe. After that I paid attention. Poor statue-guys. I am sure there is an interesting story behind this - will look it up once I get back home.

Otherwise? Good food, quiet times in the country side, good wine and back in Rome today to see the Pantheon, which I missed the other day.

Hope you are all okay!



I was a bit apprehensive about the concert yesterday, but it turned out to be really really good! First two great DJs playing music that made me wanna dance - which I did. Then a live band with two great vocalists and an excellent basist. *love*

Was in bed by 2 and back up again at 5:30 to take the train to the airport. I had plenty of time, but of course there was maintenance work being done on the railway! Meaning I was JUST in time for my flight, thanks to all my jogging and working out lately. Puh!

Rome is hot, just on the edge of being too hot. Still; it is kinda nice to feel the sun. Which is weird, cuz I normally hate it. Must be the vacation-bug kicking in!

As I arrived in the city center, I tried to contact a couple of convents to see if they had any available beds, but alas - no rooms at the inn. I think I would have liked staying in a convent for a night. In addition to the serenity and atmostphere, it's clean AND affordable. I ended up locating an "international women's house", which turned out to be perfect. 52 EURO for one night, single bedroom. Very clean. Females of all ages and backgrounds, and it is so far very peaceful here.

Since it was not the last Sunday of the month today, the Vatican was closed and I ended up sight-seeing the Palatino and Forum Romanum. Ancient stuff. Hehe. It was nice, though I skipped the Colosseum (too bloody). I also got roped into spending 23 EURO on a "Rome Tourist Card", which I kinda regretted. Trying to make the best out of it, though!

SO! That means tomorrow is all about the Vatican. The Basilica opens up at 7 a.m. and the museums at 08:30. I might have to skip the breakfast to get there on time, hoping to avoid hours upon hours of waiting in line. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10, which is kinda late, but also understandable. My plan is to spend all day at the Vatican, doing the Basilica, the Cupola, the Museo del Tesoro (tresure museum), the sacred grotto and the Vatican Museum. :D Am gonna be SO beat by the end of the day. We'll see how long I last. Tickets are not part of the Rome Tourist Card deal, and also a bit on the pricey side, but at the same time they allow entrance for 3 days in a row, from what I can tell. So I can always come back if I get too tired.

Anything in particular you guys wanna hear about?

Hugs and kisses from Rome!